Southern Service Dawgs


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I will continue to try and find a fix for this. Meanwhile, the information is still here for you to access. Thank you for your patience.

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This site is for information, reference, and education for and about Service Dogs, primarily those in the US South. Most of this site will also lean toward handlers (people with disabilities/PWDs) who have trained their own dogs, all of it of course transfers to those who obtained their Service Dogs via organizations.

Included in the site will be US laws and what both the handler and the business can do within the regulations. It isn’t always as complicated as it appears to be on the surface. There are federal laws, state laws, and even some regional/local ones that handlers and businesses need to be aware of. State laws can vary in terms of “service dogs in training” (dogs who are not yet ready to wear the cape) and punishment for faking or harming a service dog.

In addition to legal references, there will be information on training, toys, equipment, books, and whatever resources we can come up with to share with each other.

To navigate the site, use the links along the top, the sidebar, the bottom, or the ones here on the main page. You can also peruse the sitemap. Keep track of the latest updates and news by viewing the posts. You can do that through the Categories listing in the sidebar to the right or by using the Categories listing on the Sitemap page.

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