Legal Info Mostly Done!

Check it out! The state laws, or rather the listing of them, are done. Links to the Southern States laws pertaining to Service Dogs are listed. Some have further information, some do not. Of the ten federal laws that cover people with disabilities, three relate to those of us with Service Dogs. I have covered the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carriers Access Act I still need to do the Fair Housing Act. I know nothing about it and am not looking forward to delving into it. That makes me procrastinate.

I am about to start researching the local resources available in most towns and cities. Laws in regards to Service Dogs can vary tremendously so instead I will just cover who and where to go to get more information. At least I hope to be able to do that.

After that, or perhaps during that, I will also be starting the training, equipment, and selection that goes into having and getting a Service Dog. The previous site had a bunch of stuff but it was very scattered.

If any one would like to help, just let me know!